Letoya Luckett Is “Back 2 Life.” Yet you’re Bummed?

2 Ways Letoya Luckett’s ‘Back 2 Life’ can bring Back to Reality!




Let’s face it… LOVE HURTS! When you’re going through it, nothing can heal your broken soul quite like the sound of music. However, don’t think you’re alone! Everyone goes through it! After a few heartbreaks and let downs, Letoya Luckett Is Back 2 Life!  Here are two fast track ways the new record can get you Back 2 Life & Back to Reality!


“Maybe we’ll survive. Maybe it’s a lie!”

The hardest part of any breakup is the most important– GOODBYE! It’s so hard to let go of what once was. Such memories consistently cloud your better judgement. Understand that those memories are just that… memories! They are no longer the reality of what lies directly in front of you. You can no longer use these memories as a life jacket to keep the relationship afloat! TAKE OFF THE VEST! Doing so will help you see things much more clearly. Swallow your pride and open your eyes! IT’S OVER!

Letoya Luckett "Good to Me" Video


“Back to life. Back to Reality!”

The old you wants you back! The life you had before you found love is still there… waiting! You’ve been so checked out, you practically forgot all about it. Who were you before your broken heart? Those dreams. Those visions. Those ideas. They’re all still obtainable. The best thing you can do is to preoccupy your mind and time into fulfilling one of them. Doing so is will provide an exchange of energy. A change in power. Channeling this pain into a dream or career will surely get you back to life. Before you know it, you’ll be so full of life! Never again will you choose to compromise your happiness for inadequate love. Regardless of what they say, true love isn’t blind! It’s 20/20!

So, now that you’re on the road to becoming a straight A student in the School of Love. Ace your ACCEPTANCE and ATTENDANCE exam, then get ‘Back 2 Life!’ Available on iTunes now!

Kay Moye

Life & Love Contributor

Broken beyond words- Kay Moye has managed to successfully write to win! As she wrote her way out of a pivotal dark moment, she coincidently penned her first self-help book. Kay quickly began to notice the keen beauty of her very gift. She now shares this gift with the world as the Unbroken Author writes and contributes to all things Life & Love!

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