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Letoya Luckett Previews ‘I’m Ready’ [LISTEN]

Six years ago after the release of “Lady Love,” Destiny’s Child alum Letoya Luckett gives fans a new taste of what’s yet to come.

Luckett’s unofficial single, “I’m Ready,” made its way on the viral scene yesterday (Jan. 5).  After fans sent a petition to Capitol Records asking why the record company didn’t support her last studio album through promotion, Luckett makes a comeback with a solid track.

Interesting side note – out of the original Destiny’s Child quartet, Beyoncé Knowles and Luckett are the only members to have their debut album land at No. 1 on Billboard.

With lyrics like:

I want your body
‘Cause I never met somebody quite like you
One look, you’ve got me
And I wont stop until I’m laying next to you
There’s something, something different ’bout you
Oh I’ll get to you my darling,
There ain’t nothing i wont do
Oh this feeling, i cant get around it

Check out the seductive cut below:

The song is definitely listenable while providing the feel of an enjoyable album filler. While not the strongest choice for a buzz release, Luckett has proven she can provide great songs such as “Torn” and “She Ain’t Got” just to name a few.

Will this make it to the iTunes playlist? It totally could. The smooth melodies and Luckett’s vocals provides a great maturity along with its lyrical content. She proves that she’s “ready” to give and delivers.

Luckett’s new album, “Until Then,” is reportedly set for a Spring release.


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