Let’s Get Dolled Up for Spring

Let’s Get Dolled Up for Spring

Product Review By: Mo Brewster

Spring is here and it’s time to get those looks together. The top five products that our managing editor has picked for the start of Spring are sure to get you glowing on the go.

  1. William Rome’s Shampoo- Lightly scented. Colorful and fun. Great for all textures. Leaves hair feeling silky and smooth. 
    Photography Courtesy of William Rome Instagram
  2. Philip Kingsley Root Complex Supplements- Hair vitamins used for maintain natural and healthy hair. 60 capsules included in packaging.      
  3. Grace Anti Wrinkling Eye Mask- Eye masks that help with brightness, puffiness, and helps hydrates. It’s like having a spa day right at home.
    Photography Courtesy of Stella and Grace Instagram
  4. William Rome’s Body Lotion- Lightly scented lotion that helps calm and relax. Use after shower or bath. Softens skin and leaves you smelling  great all day.
  5. Crystal Deodorant- Invisible solid. Light weight. Several Fragrances. No mess. No fuss. 

Mo Clark-Brewster

Originally from Tennessee, Mo relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue a career in media and entertainment. Mo has been casted in several small roles for YouTube and Amazon Prime Series. Interests include; acting, reading, writing, and being a media correspondent.