Let’s Here It For The Girls! Meet Marvel’s Newest Team; A-Force!

Marvel Comics is batting a million right now with the current lineup of its latest is superhero team, A-Force! Why is Marvel winning, you might ask? This latest team of heroes just made Marvel Comics the most inclusive comic book company on the planet with yet another team of female superheroes! Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), She-Hulk, Medusa, Dazzler, Spider-Woman, and many other heroines of The Marvel Universe have joined forces to take down evil on Earth and abroad!


This is not the first time Marvel has made a female led series, or had an all-female team. Just last year Storm led an all-female line up of X-Men; and other super heroines have had their own comics like Spider-Girl and X-23. However, this is the first time in history that female led comics are SUCCEEDING. Marvel’s Spider-Gwen series, based on an alternate universe Spider-Man where Gwen Stacy got bitten by the radioactive spider and not Peter Parker, is a huge hit! This new found success is attributed to digital comics and the growing number of female comic book readers. In fact, women are the fastest growing consumers of comics currently!

With characters like Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and Wonder Woman soon to have their own movies a move like this only makes since. Sometimes the best man to save the world is a woman!


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