Let’s Be Insane, Let’s NOT Be Losers! Damon Wayans Jr.’s “Let’s Be Cops” is a Hilarious Hit!

Are you thirtysomething and thoroughly threw with the current state of your life. Then you will love “Let’s Be Cops!” Damon Wayans and Jake Johnson play two thirty year old men trying to scratch out a worthwhile existence in Los Angeles. Nothing is going right for them in their careers or love lives. Things begin to change after they unwittingly show up at a masquerade party dressed as cops. They leave the gala feeling down, but notice the uniforms give them an otherworldly sex appeal and authority. Immediately, they begin to the impersonations overboard and wind up over their heads when they cross the path of a notorious crime boss. How they manage to get through this is nothing short of hilarious and miraculous. You will swear they are taking police lessons from “Bonkers D. Bobcat!”



Twentieth Century Fox definitely knows how to make an entertaining premiere. Headkrack from HOT 107.9 led the festivities with a few dizzying dares and trivia. This guy is as funny as any comedian you will see on The Big Screen. needs his own television show (clearing my throat, elbowing Rickey Smiley in the side). Damon Wayans, Jr. and Jake Johnson are nothing short of hilarious in this film. You really get to see just how easy it is to impersonate an officer (and break the law), especially when you have YouTube and EBay access, and a couple grand to play with. However, as predictable as the plot is, you really do not mind it. You know this film has a Wayans in it and therefore you are going to laugh–and hard! That is the essence of this film, the insanity and unnecessary danger these guys put themselves in keeps you wondering what will happen next. From zeros to neighborhood heroes, the journey of this duo makes you laugh, cry, laugh some more, and then leaves you begging for a little thread to stitch your sides back together. Based on the ending, there could be a sequel in the works. It would definitely be worth seeing! Thank you Damon Wayans, Jr. and Jake Johnson, it is good to know Kevin Hart is not the only funny man left in Hollywood! Catch “Let’s Be Cops” in theaters everywhere Wednesday, August 13th!

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