Lil Jon Hopped on a 2,000-Mile Flight to Vote, What’s Your Excuse?

Let’s keep it real. Not everybody raced to their nearest polling station to vote in Tuesday’s midterm elections; however, one Atlanta celebrity went above and beyond to make sure that he made his vote count.

Rapper Jonathan “Lil Jon” Smith hopped on a 2,000-mile flight from Los Angeles to his beloved Atlanta home when he learned that he wouldn’t receive his absentee ballot in time to vote. He didn’t get on the flight alone, either. The “Rock the Vote” spokesman took thousands of his fans and media outlets on his journey back home via social media, and posted proudly to his Instagram once successfully casting his ballot.


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In case you were wondering, Fulton County Elections Director Richard Barron said the absentee ballot was mailed out on Monday, October 27, though there’s no way to confirm this since they do not track the status of mailed ballots.

We’re glad to see that the musician used his platform for something positive, hopefully his dedication encouraged others to vote as well.

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