Lil Kim Plans a Reality Show

“It’s Time for the black Kardashian,” said the Queen Bee for the opening of her announcement for her new reality show, The Queen Bee.” It seems the series is still in the preproduction stage but it’s coming soon.

The video for the announcement was more like a teaser, which featured Lil Kim in what looked like a Screen-Shot-2014-02-18-at-19.59.27recording studio, with a confessional style set up.

The minute and a half announcement showed jump cuts of Fabolous, Marc Jacobs, and Diddy. After talking about her upcoming album she said, “Puffy is back in my life.” She said she’s “pulling all the stunts” with her new album.

She plans to work with Iggy Azalea on an upcoming record. She says the song may not be on her album but the track might be a “double package-type thing.”

The show will document how the rap queen balances music, motherhood, and her “hobby” fashion.

With hope there will be some cameos of her highness Royal Reign, Lil Kim’s soon to be one-year-old daughter.

This will be Lil Kim’s second reality show since “Count Down to Lockdown” aired in 2005. Anticipate “The Queen Bee” to air some time this year.

Check out the Queen’s Video below:


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