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Lil Mama Talks GUHH, New Single And Holiday Fashion

Lil Mama Talks GUHH, New Single And Holiday Fashion

Lil Mama gives Kontrol Magazine the juice on “Growing Up Hip Hop”, her new single “Shoe Game”, and a holiday fashion tips.

Photographer: Sterling Pics

If you understand the growth process of most flowers and plants, the human growth process is pretty much the same. Lil Mama shares with us that at 29 years old, she is at a point in her career where she prefers to be called by her birth name: Nia’tia.

Organic growth in the industry happened for me through music and acting, when I am on set they address me by my name. Also, growing into a feminine young lady, I feel like my first name is more fitting than Lil Mama. Lil Mama to me is the little girl we met in the “Lipgloss” video

Photographer: Sterling Pics

We all can attest to change being good for the soul. Recently, Lil Mama moved to Atlanta from The Big Apple. I’ve personally never been to NYC but I know from friends and movies that I’ve watched, NYC is an around the clock, non-stop place!

I love Atlanta! I love the energy in Atlanta, especially the southern hospitality. I’m around people that make me feel like I’m at home even though I’m not. The vibe of the music and creating music in the south is different from NYC. You don’t have to worry about people poppin’ up to the studio, the vibe is just different

It is evident that Lil Mama is enjoying herself in the Atlanta, if you’ve recently watched season 2 of “Growing Up Hip Hop”. “Authenticity will always allow you to stand out amongst a crowd”, Lil mama shares as she spoke about being your true self on and off the camera.

It’s important for me to be as authentic as possible! Sometimes people put on certain characters for television and that’s not who they are when the cameras are off

Photographer: Sterling Pics

Don’t for a second think that “Growing Up Hip Hop” is the only camera that you’ll be seeing Lil Mama in front of. You can catch her playing the role of China on the CW’s “All American“, AND our girl will be filming a new movie in three months. She says she is staying focused on creating opportunities for herself and the next generation.

We all know that making music is what this songstress does best. This summer, Lil Mama released the video to her new single, “Shoe Game”. This fresh and fun single definitely makes you want to throw on your nastiest pair of heels and hit the streets with your girls! I wanted to get a little nosey and find out the inspiration behind the song and if it was the beginning of some sort of shoe collaboration.

Photographer: Sterling Pics

Actually, the producer had the beats and I had the lyrics, it just happened like that. The song was created because I was just having a good time. I’m very spontaneous and witty- I’m that friend that always catches things quick and can make a joke out of it. The idea of a shoe collaboration is a great idea. I have a few people in mind but it’s definitely about having the right situation

As busy as Lil Mama is, we wanted to know if she had the time to entertain a boo or bae! I pointed out to her that she is dripping glow all over her Instagram page, and we all know that anytime we glow, our friends and family think that it’s because of a man! Well, dammit, I had to ask. Lil Mama chuckled, ” I wish! No boo right, but I’m always open to the idea of a good time. Right now it’s just about enjoying life, and as a celebrity, we get so caught up in thinking about work all the time, that we don’t make time for fun. However, when I do take the time out, that’s when I glow, I glow from within! Anybody can put on makeup but its all about how you feel on the inside”.

Photographer: Sterling Pics

With the holidays rapidly approaching, Lil Mama shares that she is super stoked. She isn’t sure if she will travel to NYC or somewhere else, but she is excited to catch up with her family. “The first day is always happy and by day two/three somebody is crying and the healing process begins but everyone is there to lend a shoulder and be supportive”.


In every family, there is always a few who will come to the house dressed hella fancy just to sit in the living room. Well, Lil Mama told us that she will definitely be getting dressed to sit in the living room and will actually be gliding around the house in a sparkly gown, nice accessories, shoes and makeup!

Photographer: Sterling Pics

And, if you think Lil Mama isn’t in charge of a dish, think again – macaroni and cheese is her signature dish. “I can’t be touched, I haven’t made it in a few months but I still got it”.

If you don’ know, Lil Mama has an eye for fashion and gave us a few tips on appropriate holiday wear when meeting your bae’s family for the first time.

  • Be yourself- Don’t be afraid to have fun. Don’t cling to bae all night, allow him to have fun with his family while you mingle and get to know people.
  • Wear something that is cute and sexy, something that will have him looking at you all night. But, also something that isn’t too revealing, right in the middle!
  • Bring a gift or dish- Champagne or Wine! Something that can add to the festivities.
  • Lend a helping hand to the mother, don’t try too hard to get on her good side, be yourself! When you are fake, people can feel it.
  • Heels or a nice bootie will do but bring some slippers for the end of night when your feet are hurting.
  • Makeup should be natural, a simple lash, a clean foundation and a nude lip.
Photographer: Sterling Pics

Lil Mama will be doing her own makeup for the holidays with some of her favorite cosmetic brands: Beauty Bakerie and Colored Raine.

2019 is looking pretty bright for this talented beauty!

Photographer: @sterlingpics

Styling: @julianlark /  assisted by @fancylashea

Makeup by: @mimijonline

Hair by: @lecreations

Creative directed by: @blondehairdgirl

Written by: @addicktedtomypassion




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