From Lil’ Mama to NiaTia! She has served looks and we have your favorite here.

The Lil’ Mama “Glow Up” or should I say growth that we have been seeing is amazing. The New York rapper and actress has went from Lil’ Mama to NiaTia, transitioning to grown woman. She has recently starred in the TV One movie “When Love Kills” and she has served nothing, but looks! www.instagram.com

(Photo from: Instagram)

Recently, she has been on a press tour around the country and we for sure was not expecting what we are getting. NiaTia did an interview with Hot 97 and her chic look was wanted by the girls! So, I got the look for you here. www.instagram.com

(Photo from: Instagram)

Lil’ Mama has been getting her latest fashion from stylists Michael Mann and Tyler Jacob Mann. At her Hot 97 interview she wore Manokhi patent leather skirt. As well as a Charles and Ron silk printed blouse with H&M metallic sandals. Her skirt pricing at $294.00 alone, lets see what we found cheaper.

First, there is a top on Boohoo that is printed and similar to the shirt NiaTia wore. The shirt is $36.00 and on the site is paired with leather shorts. You have the ability to be versatile with what shirt you wear as well it can be plain or printed. IMG 5559

(Photo from: BooHoo)

Then, you have the patent leather skirt, but I’m going to give you two options to choose from. Both of the skirts are from MissGuided Us, you can choose from the pencil skirt or asymmetrical skirt. The skirt on the left is priced at $17.00 and the skirt on the is $34.00. I love them both! Even though, they are not the same exact as NiaTia’s they are still bomb.IMG 5562

(Photo from: MissGuided US)

Lastly, the metallic sandal heels. However, the H&M sandals NiaTia wore are available on the H&M website. The sandals were $49.99, but are now on sale for $29.99. FullSizeRender 11

(Photo from: H&M)

So, now you can shop the look that the beautiful NiaTia wore. You do not have to use the exact same pieces, but this is a great sense of direction for you. Keep slaying Nia!


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