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Lil Mama Up Close and Personal

Lil Mama Up Close and Personal

Have you ever wondered, what happened to Lil Mama? What has she been up too?  I have the inside scoop. Questions are being answered on how she feels about her BET Awards performance and more.

Via Instagram
Via Instagram

Since the TLC Biopic, Lil Mama floated in and out of the spotlight. So, ‘where has she been?’ Assertively Lil Mama told me that she is working on self.

A lot of times it’s not all about being in the spotlight. It’s about developing something that is great. It’s not always about… ‘oh look at me…look at me! Yeah I’m about it, but I don’t believe in the songs I sing about. It doesn’t mean anything to women, men, or kids. It doesn’t matter to me, but hey look at me!’ It’s not all about that and I think it’s very egotistic.”

After her time away, she feels confident to take on the world.

The topic of self-building was the motto throughout the interview I had with Lil’ Mama. The way she works on herself is the same process that she uses with her music.

If I don’t get myself fully together, I have no reason to present.


Via Instagram
Via Instagram

After her absence, in late May, Lil Mama recently came out with a song called “Sausage” on World Star Hip Hop. The 90s inspired head bobber received 2,602,935 on World Star thus far. However, the original start to “Sausage” was not expected to become big.

Via Instagram
Via Instagram

Sausage started with the Sausage Movement online. Everyone had their own reindition of the song. It started with a young man who lived in Florida name Big Mac. My version was originally a freestyle. I just dropped it with the mindset of being apart of the Sausage movement.


Lil Mama believes that her song is a way for young people to have fun during times of sadness.

You want to put music out there that people can dance and have fun too as oppose to thinking about crime or getting into trouble. A lot of times people don’t like to get in touch with their feelings. People don’t like to connect to what’s ture to them. They connect to getting over or through it. Songs like Sausage ultimately promote a feeling of making people feel good.

Via Instagram
Via Instagram

As an independent artist, Lil Mama decided to put the music video for Sausage on World Star Hip Hop first because she thought that it would be a good avenue for her. The clothing items in the music videos were also another avenue that package Lil Mama’s vision. Her style in this upbeat video was a collaboration of brains and action by Lil Mama and designer Harrison (@IAmHDiddy). Together they formed outfits that reflected the lyrics and scenes in the music video.

I am a creator, whenever I feel anything, ideas come to mind. I thank God that I am able to think and trust myself.

Our conversation then began to grow on the topic of self-esteem and growth. I asked Lil Mama about her views towards Charlemagne the God since her famous interview on the Breakfast Club, and how the interview impacted her. This is what she had to say.

I don’t hate Charlemagne. I actually love and appreciate him for pulling out the best in me. Again, being tough cannot break me. That’s where I come from. I’m from Brooklyn and Harlem New York who will do anything to tear you down if you take a step ahead of them. It’s just the lifestyle. Me being sentimental sheading a tear is definitely because of the passing on of my mother. Now, that I understand that I have an angel on the other side; I understand a lot more than I do now. I’m a lot more stronger than I was before although, I’m still hurt. It’s good to have realist in my life. I appreciate the whole situation.

The aftermath of her Breakfast Club interview might just be Lil Mama’s testament to encourage other women who are dealing with various issues in their lives. For those who are experiencing something or someone bringing you down, Lil Mama’s advice is to stay focused.

Focus on what you’re called to do. You’re going to make moves.

During the BET Awards, Lil Mama performed her song Sausage on stage which can be seen here.

Via Instagram
Via Instagram

I asked Lil Mama what she thought about some people saying that her performance looked like a Target commercial and she found humor in those comments.

I was dead! I was like, that was so good.

She appreciates those who are fans to her work and believes that they are leaders. For those who find humor in her work she also appreciates them because, in the end she believes they are both taking the time to comment and see what she’s up too.

Lil Mama continues to stay connected with her fans through social media and inspiration. She gives them her all and when she can, assist in area where she sees needs improvement.


Stay connect with Lil Mama through her social media here. Look out for more on Lil Mama and her view on fashion and beauty soon!



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