Lil Scrappy & Bambi Deny Diamond’s Abuse Allegations: “She’s Trying to Promote Her New Show!”


So far in Love & Hip Hop Atlanta we’ve seen Scrappy and Bambi face infidelity issues, a breakup, and even a miscarriage. Now, the couple is battling claims from Scrappy’s ex-girlfriend, Diamond, that he was abusive. Scrappy and Bambi sat down with for an interview about the abuse where they came together to deny Diamond’s claims against Scrappy.

Bambi speaks up for Scrappy in the interview saying that he’s never been abusive in the relationship that they have together.

“Well, can I respond because that just really makes me feel some kind of way because I’m with him and he’s never shown any signs of being physically abusive to a woman. If he’s going to be aggressive with somebody it’s going to be me because I’m bigger than him and I’m going to be all in his face. But yea, that just kinda took me somewhere; it’s annoying,” said Bambi.

For Scrappy, he is sure that Diamond is just trying to build up hype to help her upcoming reality TV show, “Sisterhood of Hip-Hop.”

“I look at it like she got a new show coming out so she’s trying to promote her little situation, trying to get some battery charge or something but I ain’t got nothing for her though. It’s just four years ago, you finally come back and get the story right and use lies because everything she said she was doing, she said it was me, so yeah,” said Scrappy.

Some other juicy highlights of the interview included talk on their personal relationship and of course, they had to dish a little on Erica Dixon as well. Check out what else the couple shared:

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