Lil’ Wayne Loses Pepsi Endorsement Over Emmett Till Reference

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In the latest “rapper loses endorsement over bogus lyrics” news, Louisiana rapper, Lil’ Wayne was dropped from PepsiCo earlier this week. Much like Rick Ross, a few of Wayne’s lyrics left the soft drink company no choice but to pull the plug on the rapper’s affiliation from the brand.

The lyrics in question referenced a symbolic figure, Emmett Till, whose death represented the horrors of the Civil Rights movement. Back in 1955, Till, then a Chicago teenager, was beat to death by white men for allegedly whistling at a white woman while visiting his grandfather in Mississippi for the summer.

On the other hand, Wayne made the poor choice of aligning the Till murder with his sexual endeavors, claimed he wanted to “beat up” lady parts doing the same damage that was done to Till. While his fans were likely unaware of the of the history behind the assimilation, Pepsi was not impressed.

PepsiCo Inc., based in Purchase, N.Y., said in a statement Friday that Wayne’s “offensive reference to a revered civil rights icon does not reflect the values of our brand.”

Lil Wayne, one of the biggest stars in pop music, had a deal to promote the company’s Mountain Dew soda.

Welp, there goes nothing. Surely, we’ll hear some sort of lyrical rebuttal explaining why being dropped for Pepsi won’t hurt his pockets in the least. We’ll wait.



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