Bringing That Old Thing Back: Lil Yachty x Nautica The Sailing Team

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Yesterday, Nautica launched its collection of limited edition items for a collaboration with Grammy-Award nominee Lil Yachty.

Image of Lil Yachty nautica collection with fans
Photographed by Shanice Warren

Last evening, Kontrol had the pleasure of attending a meet and greet at Macy’s in Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta. Upon the rap star’s arrival, fans arrived early awaiting the anticipated appearance to get there picture taken and signature from the platinum-selling artist while shopping for items of the exclusive collection.

Known for his signature unique 90’s inspired style, there’s no question that Lil Yachty was the perfect fit for a classic brand like Nautica. When asked how did the collaboration happen, Lil Yachty states that this partnership just made sense. Even though Yachty expressed the difference of styles between himself and Nautica, he was allowed to put a Lil Yachty spin on the limited edition pieces. From fit track pants, bucket hats, graphic tees, hoodies and bomber jackets, this edition is bright, conservative and bold.

I was able to put a youthful feel to the collection, by adding brighter colors.

Image of Lil Yachty nautica collection
Photographed by Brandon Foster

Personally, I consider the man behind the hit ‘Minnesota’ to have a 1990’s prep meets urban style. And, by the collection, you can see the inspiration. Though Lil Yachty is into fashion and has been before his music career- he shared that he doesn’t see creating his own clothing brand in his future.

Image of Lil Yachty nautica collection
Photographed by Shanice Warren

It’s just not my style, I’m not really into labels. If I like I like it.

He also expressed that his interest in fashion comes from his upbringing.

Image of Lil Yachty nautica collection
Photographed by Brandon Foster

My parents dressed really well. My mother and father were very into fashion, said Lil Yachty.

Because the rap star doesn’t see himself creating his own clothing brand it does not mean that his collaborations with Nautica are over. Lil Yachty said that there are plans to create a 2018 summer collection.

We look forward to more bright colors, with Nautica signature style with a Lil Yachty stamp. The collection is limited and has great affordable pricing for men that are available to purchase online at, and in-stores nationwide. So, head on over and shop now!


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