Lindsay Lohan Facing Jail

Lindsay Lohan could face jail time at the end of this month.

The former child star is on probation for a reckless driving case. Lohan was ordered to work 125 hours "Speed The Plow" - Photocallof community service over a span of three years.

AP reports that at this moment she has worked fewer than 10 hours.

Lohan tried to offer the judge 125 hours of community service for an appearance she made for a film but the hours were rejected.

Judge Mark Young said if Lohan fails to meet total of number of hours by May 28, “there will be ozouxtxnctqtf24qwwuiconsequences.”

The Herbie: Fully Loaded star’s defense lawyer Shawn Holley said its difficult for the Lohan to finish the hours because she lives 90 minutes form the work site and private transportation would be too costly since the star has not been working.

Officials doubt Lohan can finish the hours, but they noted it is possible for her to finish but it is not likely that she will comply.

The Mean Girls actress went as far to ask: would 3 hours of commuting time be considered community service.

If she does not meet the status quo, authorities will consider it a violation of probation and allegedly they will ask her to serve jail time.