Lip Service: Instagram Edition

Social Media is very important nowadays. It’s almost as if Instagram sets a standard for what’s popular and trendy. People post everything on Instagram from pets to pedicures. What’s the first thing you notice on someone’s face? For me it’s the eyes and lips! That’s why I’m going to focus on the Instagram users with the best lip game. Like they say “When Life Gives You Lemons, Apply More Lipstick!”

First up is Sarah McG!
She doesn’t consider herself a makeup artist but her lip designs are so dynamic, bold, and daring she could definitely pick it up as a trade. I love how her lip creations range from simple to drastic. Her craftsmanship and eye for detail is astounding! She also features what lipsticks and products she used so if you want to try your hand at them yourself you have somewhere to start! Here are four of my favorite lip designs that she’s created.

These Maleficent inspired lips were magically, magnificent! The lining was so detailed and the colors together were just divine! Since the lipsticks used aren’t shown in the photo, she created it this look using colors from Lime Crime; Pansy and Serpentina, Glitter Injections; Poisonberry, Mary Jane, and Vintage Chic, and a tattoo liner by Kat Von D called Trooper that can be purchased at Sephora.


I am literally in love with this lip! I love the color blocking aspect and these colors work so well together! Not to mention the glittered heart really took the lip design to another level! This look was created by using Nyx Cosmetics matte lipstick in “Indie Flick”, Lime Crime‘s Velvetines in “Pansy” & “Utopia”, and “Purple Fall” by Glitter Injections with a clear gloss on top.


Pretty as a picture… Well a lily in this case. Like I said before her attention to detail is amazing! I mean, I see the flower on her lips. This design is so clean and structured. I wonder how long it took to complete. Products used for this lip were Nyx Cosmetics “Milk” jumbo pencil, Lime Crime‘s Velvetine in “Utopia”, and the colors red, pink, cyan, green, ans white using the flash palette case by Make Up For Ever.


I was floored when I saw this. I’m not kidding my jaw literally dropped. With the rainbow gradient overflowing like a waterfall on the bottom lip it was like finding a leprechaun with a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! The deep glittered top lip was like the cherry on top of a sundae. This whole look was absolutely gorgeous. Products used for this lip creation were the “Flash Palette” by MAKE UP FOR EVER, Lime Crime‘s Velvetine in “Black Velvet”, and Glitter Injections‘ “Out of This World.”


I know, I know I said four but I had to include these runner ups!


Sarah’s designs are so innovative and creative they make me want to try and experiment with new lipsticks, glosses, and designs. I look forward to her giving me more inspiration and cool lip creations! Follow her on Instagram if you want to be inspired too!

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