The Right Color: 4 Lip Colors Perfect For Work!

What’s the right lip color for the office? I often find myself struggling to pick the most professional lip color for my employer. You never want to look like you’re ready for a night out or simply, not look polished. Wearing make-up in the office can be risky. But, if you’re like me you always have to be camera ready!

Here are some lipstick brands and colors great for your job.
Volga pure matte by NARS

Dark colors may seem like a no-go but, a deep wine that emulates a red and brown mixture gives a conservative tone. NARS cosmetics pure matte lipstick Volga is the right match.
Kate by pinup cosmetics

Pastel can be a gift and a curse, you never want to go too light or bright. For this, a soft pink of Pinup cosmetics lipstick Kate with a magenta lip liner from MAC is perfect.

And, don’t be afraid of red. I wouldn’t recommend Russian roulette or Ruby Woo from MAC, that may be too sexy for work.  But, Tom Ford True Coral is a perfect soft red with a pink coral mixture.
True Coral by Tom Ford


Viva Glam II by MAC




But, the ultimate go-to for the office is natural tones, and I DO NOT mean nudes! Soft browns and taupe’s can be great as a matte or with a little shimmer. My particular favorite is MAC Viva Glam II matte lip color. If your nude lipstick is lighter than your skin tone it can come off ashy lips. We want to look hydrated not dehydrated.

The great thing about each lip color is that they don’t require heavy eyeshadow or heavy contouring. A natural eyelid, a little mascara and/or lashes with blush is perfect for work. You can remain simple yet chic all while clocking in to your 9-5. Why not work and look fab while doing so. Each item is under $60 making them affordable. To purchase any lipstick listed click brand name above.

Shanice Shantelle

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