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Lipsology: What Your Kiss Says About You

Lipsology: What Your Kiss Says About You

Read my lips! No, really read my lips.

If you don’t believe me, try it yourself. Put on your favorite shade of lipstick, and kiss a piece of paper or napkin. There are actual experts who specialize in Lipsology, crazy right! Lipsology is the practice of analyzing the characteristics of a person’s lips in order to discern their personality. The lip-print reader, Jilly Eddy, and author of Lipsology devises “the art and science of reading lip prints”. Noting the correlations between personalities and lip print characteristics. According to Certified Lipsologist Anna Snodgrass, your lip features help to identify your personality and health.

Similar to that of zodiac signs, tarot card readings, crystal consultations, and palmistry. There is a meaning behind your mark. Your lip silhouette can be broken down into six categories: size, shape, color, stress lines, position, and fullness. Each speaking to unique personality traits within the different aspects of your kiss. Unveiling your lip print can identify who you are, what you want, and what you need.

Therefore, next time you think about wiping your lipstick off your Starbucks, DON’T! This shadow of a kiss may reveal more than you think. Your mouth is a great way of expression and interesting way to interpret one’s personality. Analyze your pucker print with our handy guide. This kiss and tell session will reveal what your kiss says about you. So, pucker up!



First and foremost, there is no correlation to the size of your lips to your print.

A small print: means you’re detail-oriented, well-organized and efficient.

A medium print: are people who are good at juggling and maintaining a well-balanced work life, healthy relationship and exercise.

A large print: suits the personality of “Go Big or Go Home”.




You’re either a triangle, diamond, rectangle or oval. Analyze your pout.

Triangle Lip Print = Three distinct points

This group of behind the scenes people, push others to succeed. Having the ultimate cheerleader energy, you are generous and giving. You are very caring, and recognize the skills and talent in yourself and others. You do well in supportive roles. The downside is that you forget to take care of yourself.  So, consider taking care of yourself first, so you can take care of everyone else.

Diamond Lip Print = Pointed at the top and bottom

In the words of Rihanna, you “Shine bright like a diamond”. With a center point on the top and bottom lip, you have a dazzling personality. You are invested in helping others succeed. Yet, you push for your own success as well. You take pride in doing well and seek out success.

Rectangle Lip Print = Four corners

Type of individuals to help out in any and all situations. Often known as “The Rock”. You are always a helping hand and go to person to solve problems, especially in your family.

No corners= oval

“Don’t worry, be happy”. Shying away from drama, these individuals want life to be peaches and creme. And are open to new experiences.




Don’t mind the shade of your lipstick, this more so has to do with the intensity of the print. The more energy there is, the deeper the color appears.


Stress lines

Stress lines are lines that begin on the inside of the lips or where the lips come together, and then expand out. Not to be confused with wrinkles, these stress lines identify the stress you are dealing with at the moment.

On the Upper Lips: Stress that you can’t control. Often indicating disappointment. Things that might have been talked about but not yet resolved.

On the Lower Lips: Stress from a situation you can control. Stress lines on the bottom express things you are not talking about, but probably should.




The amount of white space between your upper and lower lip, suggests how open or close minded you are. For today at least.




This indicator analyzes the thinness or fullness between the upper and lower lips separately.

Thin Upper Lips: They can be picky, but a stickler for things being done in a specific manner.

Thin Lower Lips: Very detail oriented, especially when it comes to their finances.

Full Upper Lips: With a strong shoulder to cry on. You can look to this person to confide in as they are great listeners. An all around excellent communicator.

Full Lower Lips: This person is very expressive and likes to share their ideas. You’re also very good at expressing yourself. According to Eddy, “A full lower says that children and pets adore them”.


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