#FitFriday: Plus Size Women Run Too! Lets Strut!

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Courtesy of @lipsticknfit.activateher

Plus size women run too! There is this misconception that plus size is unhealthy, unfit and unable to keep up but guess what? Take it from Kimberly LipstickNFit Bradley of Atlanta, she is a plus size marathon runner. She has completed one full marathon (26.2 miles), five half marathons along with dozens of 5k, 10k, 15k official runs. How did she gain the courage to RUN?

Plagued with thoughts of suicide and feelings of defeat and failure, Kimberly having struggled with her weight since childhood set out on a holistic journey which began five years ago. This 40-day process called “The Journey” revolutionized how she viewed weight loss and overall wellness. At that point, she was almost 400 pounds, brokenhearted, living in a mental cocoon – it had to work! During the journey, she was shown that the greatest source of healing was faith.

“I never thought to pair my faith with fitness and weight loss.”

Courtesy of @lipsticknfit.activateher

“The Journey” set the way for LipstickNFit Life Coaching and Personal Training services which help women gain proper perspective and success in personal development and weight loss. The mission “Activating women to find their own version of fitness holistically and Be Bodacious while doing it.”

Kimberly, the brand ambassador for the Plus Size Strut, notes that when the organizers reached out to her to head the training program, she was inspired immediately. “This movement will bridge the gap. Plus size is EQUAL! This will be the first ever 5k walk, jog, run of it’s kind!”


Coming Spring 2018 in Atlanta, the Plus Strut is so important for the community because it’s a non-judgment zone for plus size women to see and interact with women that look like them and are embracing physical fitness. “This event will display that women are bold, big, AND FIT! The more this is displayed the more women will embrace fitness and their own bodies!”

Be sure to follow @lipsticknfit.activateher and The Plus Strut @theplusstrut to stay up to date and join in this amazing event!


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