Literary Betrayal? Wonder Woman Writer, Grant Morrison (@grantmorrison), believes Character’s “Batman Vs. Superman” Portrayal is Against Her Roots!

After an incredibly insane (and ignorant) amount of time, Wonder Woman is finally making her cinematic debut in next year’s Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice! Millions of fans worldwide are thrilled, but hold the parades because one of her writers feels she has betrayed her roots. You read right, Grant Morrison, a longtime writer of our favorite super heroine feels Zack Snyder’s representation of the character is not as authentic as it should be. Morrison feels she is portrayed only as a “warrior woman,” and there is so much more to the character than just her sword and shield.


I can understand why they’re doing it, I get all that, but that’s not what [Wonder Woman creator] William Marston wanted, that’s not what he wanted at all! … You see the latest shots of Gal Gadot in the costume, and it’s all sword and shield and her snarling at the camera. Marston’s Diana was a doctor, a healer, a scientist. So I went back to those roots and just built it up again.

Grant definitely has a point there is a lot more to Wonder Woman than but kicking. If you have read even a fraction of her rich history you would know that she is also a diplomat, social activist, and mentor among many other roles! Still, to be fair to Snyder this is the movie that will introduce Wonder Woman to the movies and not her stand alone film. I am more than sure we will get in depth of the character’s mythos. Until then we just have to wait until June 23, 2017 to see what the Amazon Princess has in store for us!

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