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Luxuriously Lit with Alexis Branch

Luxuriously Lit with Alexis Branch

Alexis Branch is a star re-emerging to the scenes in a different way, she is all about making sure nobody “disrespects your mama”, which she often ends her videos with.

“Music is my first love”

    Alexis, who started out doing music, is quickly becoming a household name with her new character, “Litty Lex” that she created using the IPhone Animoji. Lex is a fun and lovable cartoon who is all about dancing, singing, and getting lit of course. “Lex is really who I am. I am doing nothing differently from what I normally do. This is they way that I normally act with my friends,” she shares. If you have ever watched any of the Litty Lex videos you will see that she is all about being different and standing out with her popping blue hair. Alexis is currently working on turning Litty Lex into a cartoon that everyone can enjoy outside of the shorts that we currently see via her social media page. “Right now there is a hold up because Lex is using the Apple Animoji and they technically own her face. There have been discussions about re-doing the character and giving her an entire new look,” Alexis explains. Considering that Alexis is the voice behind the face, this shouldn’t be too much of change, the Litty Lex fans have fallen in love with Alexis’s voice and personality.

“I am having fun and there are several projects that I have been working on”


    Alexis voice is not just good to make us laugh though, Alexis originally started as a singer and was a part of an all girls group called “Bliss” in the past. “Music is my first love. I loved performing with the group and singing”, she shares. Alexis has been featured on Leave It To Stevie on VH1 where she worked with Stevie J. While she has been working on branding and marketing our favorite blue haired cartoon, Alexis has also been working on new music and doing interviews to promote her new music. Not only has she been working on music, she has been acting as well. “I am having fun and there are several projects that I have been working on that I just can’t discuss now, but I will, “ she teases.

”Lex is really who I am”

    With music, acting, and a cartoon underway, how does Alexis find time for love with longtime girlfriend Tyra B? “It’s very easy, we often try to perform at some of the same places just at different times. We talk on the phone constantly or FaceTime. To be honest, even if our schedules are busy, that’s fine because it gives us time to miss each other,” explains the beautiful songbird. Alexis admits that she is attracted to both male and females and that she just loves people for who they are. When it comes to sexual preference, Alexis has only ever dated men. Tyra is my first female relationship so we coined the name “Tysexual” as a play off of bisexual when asked my preference. But there are plenty of seen sexy men and women that have caught my eye, Tyra is just the first I’ve ever been with.


Alexis is currently promoting all of the projects that she is working on and expanding her brands by the day. With promoting and branding comes and an image to uphold. Alexis admitted that her workout regime can be a bit much, but she keeps going. “There are days when I have skipped going to the gym, but then I go back and I get sore, you know you must keep going and you get your body back used to that mode”, says Alexis. It is surely paying off for her because her shape is banging and she is making progress daily.

    Make sure to laugh and checkout all things both Alexis Branch and Litty Lex and keep up with all things to come from this starlet.


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