Livin’ Lozada! Evelyn Lozada Covers The Pure Glamour Issue Of Kontrol Magazine

Life is the epitome of extremes. Sometimes you can feel like you are flying higher than any cloud and living all of your dreams. Then, there are those other times where you feel like you are sinking in quicksand and cannot escape to save your life! Truly, we have watched Evelyn Lozada experience both as she took center stage on Basketball Wives and married former NFL star Chad Ochocinco. Then suddenly it seemed like her life fell apart as she and Chad split over domestic violence issues and she left her infamous television show. For awhile it seemed like Evelyn was a bit reclusive, but unbeknownst to the rest of the world she was living her life and starting anew. Now, she is back with a new show of her “OWN,” Livin’ Lozada! 

Evelyn is the latest celebrity to cover Kontrol Magazine in this Fall’s Pure Glamour issue. There, she dishes on her life, TV show, and new experiences; including her new baby boy Carl Leo Crawford. When asked about her new found happiness and glow, she replied:

I’m definitely in a much better space than I was a couple years ago, that has a lot to do with taking time off from my life to focus on things that I needed to focus on with myself such as anger issues and things that I was dealing with back then. I’m happy now because I’m in a happy relationship and I have a one-year-old son! Life is pretty good right now!

Evelyn is all about moving forward with her life nowadays as a woman, mother, and businesswoman. She has her own makeup line, Vida Lux, and is the spokeswoman for the age defying system youthH2O. Evelyn states that she was inspired to start the makeup line when she was experimenting with pigments and colors on “Basketball Wives” and was continuously being questioned about her makeup, so she decided to launch her own line. When asked about the line Lozada says, “It’s been doing really good. I’m just at the point of expansion!”

As a spokesperson for youthH20, Evelyn stands behind the product, stating “It’s been an amazing experience working with this company and while it started as a smaller company, it’s now expanded to the Vitamin Shoppe and people are really happy with it. It’s easy to sponsor a product, but it’s important to sponsor a product that you really believe in!”

Life may throw you some serious curve balls, but that does not mean you step away from the plate forever. It is okay to revamp, regroup, and start anew. Evelyn knows this best and you should too. You can catch her full interview in the latest issue of Kontrol Magazine Barnes & Noble stores nationwide!

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