LL Cool J Reaches Out to Former Co-Star, Maia Campbell, After Shocking Video Hits The Internet

Social media is starting to become the haven for exploitation.  On Saturday (July 8), a video of actress Maia Campbell from the 90s sitcom, In the House, hit the internet and instantly went viral. In the video, Maia Campbell is seen at a gas station in Stone Mountain, Georgia divulging details of an alleged rape and asking a man for crack.

The man in the video identified as rapper T-Hood ask Maia, “You want some powder and some crack?” When confronted about his demeaning actions and his insensitivity towards Maia Campbell’s illness, T-Hood made it very clear he felt no remorse for the actress.

“Just because she was a black actress from back in the day, who we already all know from Redan. She been on the block for years. We been knew this b***h. She been doing dumb sh*t. Went in the industry got geek up f**ked all in the streets, n***as sent her back to Atlanta and she got geeked up some more. This ain’t no mental disorder this b***h is just high as f**k.”

Maia Campbell’s Mental Illness

For years Maia has been struggling to overcome her drug addiction. In 2012, Maia Campbell appeared on an episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life. Iyanla and Mia confront her drug addiction and her inability to accept her bipolar disorder.

LL Cool J Speaks Out

Maia Campbell’s former co-star and rapper, LL Cool J, took to Twitter to express his disgust for people who would much rather record the actress in distress instead of lending a helping hand. LL Cool J took it a step further and asked his followers if anyone had a contact to reach Maia. We applaud LL Cool J’s actions and willingness to help his former co-star. Hopefully, Maia receives the help she so desperately needs and reclaims her thrown as a stunning actress.


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