London Fashion Week: Men’s The Ultimate Midweek Recap!

Fashion Week: Men’s is underway across the pond in the street fashion capital of London. Kicking off the eventful week with a host of shows, from luxury street designers like Mihara Yasuhiro, Matthew Miller, and Oliver Spencer to name a few, the dark aesthetic this year is definitely one to look out for this trendy season. Leather, upon leather, upon leather is what graced the London runways so far, as well as tonal patterns from button downs, to even jackets and sweaters. The overall vibe of the season is like an homage to 60’s simple design with a 90’s urban flare. You know that simplistic design pattern where everything is tailored to fit just right, not much textile work but more hand sewed patterns. Yet the collection comes to life with how they’re styled and accessorized, down to top hats, Barretts, and even old-school tonal kicks from converse and vans.

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London Fashion Week: Men’s is so bomb!

One of the most talked about and blogged shows of London Fashion Week Men’s has to be Oliver Spencer’s showcase Saturday afternoon, featuring a masculine yet vibrant and urban collection of pieces that included a dope design aesthetic from tartan tailoring, zig-zag-print knits, and velvet bomber jackets, with a tonal palette of moss green, dusty pink and burgundy. Check out some of the images below.


Also, you already know, even though the showcases happen under the tents the real fashion show is on the grimy streets of London. All over Instagram and Tumblr, you can find dope photos of fashion week patrons showcasing their own eclectic styles between each show. You’ll see everything from the latest 2017 trends and styles roaming the lively strip. Streetwear is alive and well in London it almost seems as though the culture of street style has completely taken over fashion don’t you think?

Check out the dope images of London Fashion Week: Men’s down below, and be sure to check back for more of the eventful week in men’s fashion and trends.

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