Long Lasting Lips

Beauty, Garcelle Beauvais, rocks an Ice Pink Matte Lipstick
Beauty, Garcelle Beauvais, rocks an Ice Pink Matte Lipstick


Have you ever wondered what the secret is to wearing  lipstick that doesn’t have to be reapplied every five minutes? The answer is MATTE! Matte lipstick contains a formula that allows lipstick to go on smoothly without any shine or shimmer, which causes it to stay on for hours and hours at a time. Some people may find matte lipstick a little dry when it is applied, but here’s a little tip: Apply some lip balm or Vaseline to lips before applying your matte lipstick; this allows your lips to retain their moisture. With that being said, go out and purchase some matte lipsticks…  these are my top three picks:

1.  NARS Semi- Matte- $26 (Best long lasting)- This lipstick contains a non-drying formula that leaves lips feeling conditioned while the lipstick will last you the entire day.

2. Black Opal Cosmetics Color Splurge Luxe Lipstick- $7.50  (Best Matte)- Infused with vitamins A,C, and E, this lipstick contains a very high pigment value and feels great!

3. Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip- $25 (Best Faux Matte)- If you’re not really feeling matte lips and you find you’re lips becoming somewhat dry, this is a great alternative to your typical matte lipstick. It has a cream base that doesn’t leave lips feeling dry and chappy.


I Hope these matte tips work out for you & with Valentine’s Day around the corner, you really will be able to kiss n’ NEVER tell!


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