Look The Age You Feel: A Man’s Guide to Looking Younger

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I confess now that 25 is slowly approaching it’s a little frightening. I see more changes with my body now than I did when I first started puberty. For example, my hair is starting to thin out, acne is still present, and I’m certainly not as active as I once was. I do have a lot on my plate, so my stress level may be just a little higher now. Oh and if you’re wondering how sleep is going lets just say that’s a distant affair I miss. Aside from the lessons of adulthood I still internally feel forever 12 years old playing the role of a grown up. Once I came across this book, “Look The Age You Feel” I was intrigued a little and had to indulge into it.



The book is geared towards older men entering their midlife crisis. Although I can sympathies with some of the concerns it comes off a little vein. As our bodies change through the years it seems easier simply to adapt instead of trying o reverse everything. Being that youth is favored in our society this guide can be helpful to some men going through “the change”. Plenty of options are given for loss of vision, hair, wrinkles, but nothing discussing sex. Rather interesting that the topic wasn’t touched upon. After recently starting a healthier lifestyle I figured this book would help me, but I think it would better serve my 54-year-old father.


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