Look Out! Jeremih Caught on Tape Throwing Bottles instead of Poppin’em!

These artists and their tempers have swelled to Hulk-sized proportions! Now it looks like it is singer/song writer, Jeremih’s turn. Normally, Jeremih is one of the “good guys,” those celebrities you only hear about in the news when they are working. However, this incident comes as a shocker. From this video we see the singer and his crew throwing beer bottles over the counter at a Fuddrucker’s restaurant! Naturally, there are two sides to every story. On Jeremih’s end, he claims the manager of the establishment was racist and demanded he and his friends remove themselves from the counter sitting area. The manager, however, claims the guys were harassing one of the female employees behind the counter. He claims he asked them to move because they were making her feel uncomfortable. Then, allegedly, that is when they began cussing at him and throwing bottles of beer at him.


There is no telling who was telling the truth. It is not unheard of to run into a racist manager, but it’s also not unusual for celebrities to turn up. Do the names Naomi Campbell, Russel Crowe, or Tyler Perry ring a bell? Either way, throwing bottles of beer is never okay and Jeremih is lucky there have not been any charges brought against him. Then again, this did happen on a weekend and not a business day. Let’s just hope from here on out he will keep his composure and follow everyone else’s example and get his burgers to go from McDonald’s! See the crazy footage below!

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