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Looks Like Denim Isn’t The Go To Trend

Ladies and Gents we all know we love a denim look, whether it’s denim on denim, denim with leather, or boyfriend denims they’re a love for everyone. So why is it that many denim companies have dropped almost more than 6 percent since last year?


A statement from ABC News read:

“Domestic sales of jeans dropped 6 percent last year, worrying some manufacturers and prompting VF Corp, the maker of Wrangler and Lee brand jeans to set up a think-tank to come up with other ways of using the distinctive and hard-wearing dyed blue cotton twill.”


Looks like denim maybe going out of fashion, but not because of the style, it is because of the cost and process of producing the product. The article continues to state they were not sure if denim will go out of business or if it is a , ” victim of fickle fashion trends”



What do we think Kontrol readers? Is denim out or is it all just a misunderstanding?  

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