Louis Vuitton Sued by an Atlanta Sneaker Entrepreneur!

Antonio Brown

The CEO of LVL XIII (pronounced Level 13), Antonio Brown is suing the French luxury company for copying his iconic trademark: the back and front metal plates.

lvl plate
Louis Vuitton
LV vs
LVL XIII (top) vs. Louis Vuitton (bottom)

The footwear brand, LVL XIII has been known for its very stylish sneakers made of high-end leather and exotic skin. The brand’s sales actually took off when the singer Jason Derulo showed up at “Good Morning America” wearing a pair of LVL XIII, in June 2013. The patent was then approved in August of the same year and today, celebrities such as NAS, Jim Jones, Tyson Beckford and many more are endorsing the audaciously designed sneakers.

brown and tyson
Antonio Brown (l.) and Tyson Beckford (r.)



Brown recently stated that he wants justice for what he has battled for to make his dream come true and to be where he is today. He also added: “Just because a Goliath of the world comes around, you don’t have to let them take things from you”!
According to Louis Vuitton’s spokeswoman Molly Morse, “The lawsuit is entirely without merit and the company will vigorously defend itself”.

vuitton vs lvl xIII

How good do you think Brown’s chances are to win the trial vs. a company such as Louis Vuitton? By the way how do you like LVL XIII shoes?