Louis Vuitton Unveils “The Heroine” Starring Jaden Smith

Ok, I’m sure by now you’ve already heard about Jaden Smith’s latest headline. As part of Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection the mega designer brand enlisted in the help of Jaden Smith to not only market but be the face of its womenswear campaign. Yes, I said it womenswear campaign. jaden smith kontrolmag1Social Media went on a frenzy criticizing the designer brands choice of spokesmodel, even going as far as questioning Jaden’s sexuality and/or preference. Crazy right? All over a clothing campaign which is sure to make huge profits this season anyways despite the haters. Well In latest news on the controversy campaign, to help shed more light on the S/S 2016 collection, Louis Vuitton just unveiled a brand new visual dubbed “The Heroine” starring Jaden Smith. The short video shot by Bruce Weber is nothing short of creative and out of the box dope. Displaying the spirit of the youth of today’s society exuding the freedom of street fashion with Jaden playing the male eye candy in the visual, a group of models are styled head to toe in the latest of the S/S 2016 collection. Taking place in Tampa, Florida, Smith helps give “The Heroine” its stamp of approval for being one of Louis Vuitton’s most talked about and not to mention coolest campaigns to date. I’m not going to lie Jaden is rocking this brand. Wearing a beige woven fringe shirt under a black leather motto jacket in the visual, Jaden’s natural swag exudes masculinity to the point where you barely notice he’s really the face of a womenswear campaign. Louis Vuitton really hit gold with this visual giving a whole new take on women’s streetwear fashion and utilizing Jaden’s dope versatile swag for its campaign. As far I’m concerned this idea is brilliant for Louis Vuitton and as for the haters, even wearing a skirt Jaden still has more girls than you do on your best day. Salute to Jaden and Louis Vuitton! – EffYeahMark

Check out “The Heroine” for yourself below so you can be the judge.

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