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Love Beyond Reality with Dennis McKinley

Love Beyond Reality with Dennis McKinley

By: Mo Brewster

Dennis McKinley- Businesman and entreprenuer

Dennis McKinley,  businessman and entrepreneur has added a new title to his resume; father. Recently the world watched as Dennis McKinley and reality star fiance Porsha Williams welcomed their beautiful new bundle of joy; “PJ”. Dennis sits down with Kontrol to describe just how he got to this point of being a new dad, a fiance, and a business mogul, he also answers all the questions we have been wanting to know.

“If you ask a guy, especially an African American to go to counseling, that’s not something that is normal.”

How does a guy with such a laid back demeanor go from behind the scenes to being on our television shows? “Well you know, I am not the famous person in the house, I met Porsha a few years back at a Bronner Bros hair show. We talked and flirted a little then, but not too much because she was busy. Shortly after that, she walked into one of my clubs, and that was all she wrote,” he shares. It hasn’t always been a walk in the park for the new celebrity parents though. Viewers have watched them experience normal everyday issues and even attend couples therapy to better their relationship. “If you ask a guy, especially an African American to go to counseling, that’s not something that is normal. If you are in a relationship and you want it to work, you will do what you need to do, and that’s just what we are doing. I think it is a good thing to incorporate into your daily routine if you are in relationship”, Dennis stated. “Right now, we are good. I know it seems like we have a lot going on TV, and we do. In my opinion, the biggest obstacle that we are facing right now is if we want to live in the city or on the outskirts. I am a city guy, so I enjoy the hustle and bustle, whereas Porsha prefers the serenity of it all”, he explains.

Dennis McKinley is no stranger however; to taking care of business as he has been behind the scenes with several business ventures. “I am actually involved with Queen Virgin Remy hair. Queen Virgin Remy is one of the largest in the retail hair industry, and we have some big things coming up. I also own the Original Hot Dog Factory, we have two locations in Atlanta and we will have 4 locations within the next 60 days and 10 locations within the next 6 months. CRU Hookah Lounge is about to open a second location in downtown Atlanta on Trinity Avenue. I also have MILK Insurance which is an online insurance company, it is a good thing because you can go right online and purchase your home or auto insurance policies. Last but not least, I have a venture called Salon Matrix where I am partnering with Ming Lee, she’s from Detroit, so I am excited about working with her”, shares the business mogul.

We do not have a script, they don’t prep us with a shoot, it’s really how we are.”

The world enjoyed watching Porsha and Dennis welcome their baby girl “PJ” into the world on their recent special that was featured on Bravo. The show definitely leaves you wanting to get to know the family more. When it comes to more shows and features, Dennis admits that this is Porsha’s avenue. “That is Porsha’s world, she is the TV celebrity. The baby special was really unexpected. The three part special received super high ratings. That’s my job, to support that part of her (Porsha) life”, he shares. We all watched Porsha and how she started out on Real Housewives of Atlanta and the things that she has gone through. Dennis has entered her world and allowed all the viewers to see a totally different side of Porsha. Even beyond television we have seen the couple photographed out and about and they appear to show the same affection that we see our screens weekly. “We do not have a script, they don’t prep us with a shoot, it’s really how we are. What you see from us on TV is real, that’s what you get. Our moms have argued on camera and all of that was real. I think that people can appreciate that. It’s also a responsibility because this is our real life, so that means you have to protect yourself in the streets because this is real,” he explains.

“That is Porsha’s world, she is the TV celebrity.”

When it comes to his beautiful fiance Porsha, Dennis admits that this lovely lady will always have her face beat and be camera ready because this is just who she is. Some men do not prefer this, but Dennis stated that this is not an issue for him. “When she gets up, her makeup is done, her hair is done, and her nails are done. That’s just how she starts her day”, he shares. Porsha was beat for the god’s during her special while giving birth to baby “PJ”, but Dennis was focused on the new lady of his life making a healthy entrance. Some dads get nervous but Dennis stated that he was up for the challenge. “It was an amazing experience. I have god children, and children that have been in my life. The moment that Porsha found out she was pregnant was exciting. Everyday watching her belly getting bigger, the baby kicking and moving, it was exciting. The moment that she came out the womb and I cut the cord, it was a surreal moment for me. A feeling that I have never experienced before, a major moment”, he recounts meeting his baby girl for the first time. With a new title of “Dad” added to his resume Dennis says that he is extra motivated to do for his daughter. “It gives you extra motivation to get to it. She will be going to college soon, so it helps me to stay focused and get it moving” he shares. This new role does come with its challenges and fears, but Dennis shares that he can only prepare his daughter for the world and encourage her to follow her dreams.

“She will be going to college soon, so it helps me to stay focused and get it moving.”

With the baby finally here, we are all waiting and wanting to know when the wedding will be. “Porsha is still on maternity leave. Real Housewives is about to start filming shortly, so we are getting ready for that. We have been talking about a New Year Eve’s wedding, so I am sure you guys will get to see more of that unfolding when they start filming the show”, Dennis discusses the pairs upcoming nuptials. Will there be another special for the future McKinley’s? I guess we will have to stay tuned to find out.


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