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Courtesy of Itika Oldvine

Itika Oldvine, having worked with some of the most influential businesspeople and organizations in the world, led to her purpose! If you had told her three years ago that she would have been a florist, “YEA RIGHT!!” Now, the CEO of OldVine Florals established in 2017, which is located in the heart of downtown LA’s Old Financial District has made a solid name for itself.

“Begin with the End in Mind” 

Itika, an accomplished marketer, had never worked with flowers before. In 2014, began working with Eric Buterbaugh Design Group in Beverly Hills, birthed her passion for floral design and arranging. With the motto “begin with the end in mind,” was given that push to be her own CEO. And she did just that! Taking the knowledge that was learned while working with the Oprah Winfrey Show and AEG just to name a few and applying it to her own business.

Oldvine Florals specializes in handpicking some of the most exquisite blooms along with practicing a technique called “Reflex Roses.” When a florist performs this technique, “that florist is on another level.” 

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Courtesy of Oldvine Florals

Inspiration – “The Love is in the Details”

When asked where the inspiration comes from, Itika states that “it’s a process.”  All clients are interviewed, a walkthrough of the venue is a required. Finally, the team sets out to pick the brightest blossoms to bring the vision to life without saying a word! The process is precise, however, “the love is in the details,” a quote that she lives by from her work with Oprah.

“Progress Over Perfection”

Itika shared the keys to business success for future leaders. Be a firm believer in being flexible and understanding with and of yourself. Place yourself first. Know that as long as there is progress being made, perfection will come. Network, be smart with money, set standards and refuse to fall below them. Finally, work with the end in mind!

“Everything that you are doing today is setting you up for your what’s next. Don’t get discouraged or wonder why it is all part of your purpose! Every step of the way has been a setup for where I am today – Oldvine Florals!” 


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