LHHATL’s Tammy and Joseline Go At It!

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Written By: Whitney J.

If you missed the last two weeks of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta then you just need to catch up honey! It has been filled with so much drama stemming from all angles. You have Mimi playing Inspector Gadget (slick hating), Mama Dee reigning in her imaginary castle (she really is mental), Benzino and Stevie J making business moves (Uh Yeah), Bambi decking side chicks (Compton style), and Karlie Redd and Joc carrying on a “relationship” (We just don’t believe you)! But what has started to make its way to social media and has viewers picking sides is the drama between Joseline and Tammy!



You see ,Tammy is Waka Flocka’s WIFE (Congrats to them) and a fashion stylist and designer. We all know from previous seasons that Joseline’s style is a bit eccentric and could use a few adjustments. WELP Tammy being the most appropriate person to help her with that, extended some fashion advice in the midst of building a friendship. The two STRONG personalities of these women did a CLASH OF THE TITANS! Joseline took to Instagram to express her frustration. She posted a picture of Tammy in a dress and called her thrifty. Tammy retaliated and posted a picture of Joseline in a knockoff dress (which was later taken down).


As you know, with the HASHTAG trend, viewers quickly took to taking sides choosing either #TeamTammy of #TeamJoseline!



One viewer in particular who happens to be a close personal friend of Tammy’s took to Instagram to send Joseline a personal message. @ShodSantiago (follow him he’s hilarious) sent various messages via IG to the self-proclaimed Puerto Rican princess that had me on the floor! Check them out below:





Tammy gave Joseline her some words of advice and let her know just how she felt! Check it out here!


 Well we at Kontrol want to know which team you are for! Comment below whether you are #TeamTammy or #TeamJoseline and let us know why!!

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