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Love is in the Spring Air: 5 Ideas for Springtime Date Nights

Love is in the Spring Air: 5 Ideas for Springtime Date Nights

Allen Payne and Jada Pinkett-Smith in Jason’s Lyric, 1994

Spring is near and love is forever in the air.

We crave the summer because we feel as thought it gives us more freedom and free time to make plans, but fail to realize the spring time is the introduction to late nights and back-to-back events to take in our local venues and general surroundings.

Here’s how you can do so with your significant other.

Kontrol is giving you a couple of great ideas to make date night in the spring shine as bright as the sunshine it gives us.

Botanical Gardens

Photo: Atlanta Botanical Garden

Honestly, the most slept on attraction throughout any city.

The Botanical Gardens may not seem like you or your significant other’s cup of tea, being as you’ll be on your feet for almost the entire time and the main objective is to be in nature’s space and stare at plants. I get it. But it’s beyond just those measures, it’s about taking in the beauty of your surroundings and enjoying some of God’s greatest creations, while strolling side-by-side with your lover. Not only is the garden experience beautiful, but its filled with numerous amounts of different flowers, the company also provides a gift shop of the cutest gifts, and places to eat that are both affordable and healthy.

So when you get a chance, grab the one you love for the many special events that are held at your local botanical garden, and fulfill that meaning of a rose.

Sports Game

Beyoncé and Jay-Z attend a Cleveland Cavaliers game (Photo: Scanpix Photos)

First and foremost, let’s throw out any gender norms or stereotypes that society has placed on an individual to enjoy one of our most prized possessions; sporting events.

Fellas, don’t automatically assume that hitting up your city’s team basketball game with your girl will be a bore, and ladies, maybe they actually do want to teach you the rules of the game, and maybe you’re more interested in learning about it than you thought. Or the feeling is just mutual and you both are sports fanatics.

Some of the  greatest athletes of all time are women, along with the men, and those who reigned supreme excellence throughout their career are black, which is empowerment for both parties when deciding to check out a game or two this spring.

Besides, you got concession stand food and the possibility of some celebrity sightings, but more importantly, you have options of springtime sports; soccer, baseball, softball, track, swimming and more.

Music Festival

Miguel and Nazanin Mandi attend Coachella (Photo credit: Tumblr)

Around the end of the first quarter of the year, artists are rolling out their tour dates and appearances at the multiple music festivals quicker than you know it.

It’s almost impossible that at least one of your favorite artists won’t be coming to your a city, or one near you for some exclusive stage time. Plus you and your lady or man, should have some of the same taste in music.

Make it even more worthwhile, by surprising them with tickets a few weeks before the festival takes off. No one could possibly turn down singing along to their favorite records with someone they love, food trucks, and being surrounded by the mutual love of music.

Picnic in the Park

Photo: Milestone Hotel

A nice spring day with an average of about 75 degress weather is the perfect time to dig in the food pantry and pull out that basket and blanket for a cute picnic date at the park.

For a bit more fun and a chance to squeeze in some exercise, you and your date could bike to the location of the picnic, or walk. Look, you’ll save gas either way.

Also, it’s not much to throw together a few sandwiches, and hit up the farmer’s market beforehand for a couple of fresh fruits and vegetables, a few water bottles from home so you’re properly hydrated, a playlist, and conversation with your boo. This gives you two the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and get away from being contained into the stuffy indoors. Turn over your phones and turn up the speaker.

Miniature Golf

Photo: Mini Fantasy Golf course

Keep it calm, cool, and collected; unless you two are up for a little friendly competition. Either way, miniature golf is perfect for timely bonding, while also indulging in fun and games.

I feel like this may be seen as a 12th birthday party type thing, or something we did a few years back when one of our closest friends parents were only dropping us off at one location, but not picking us up; yall know you can relate.

But this time you’ll actually have someone to take you home, maybe even place a harmless bet with your date, loser treats to dinner or chooses the next date, winner just sits back and enjoy the non-payment festivities. There’s still a way to find fun in things we may have grown out of, especially when you can revisit your child and teen hood memories, with someone you plan on making more with.


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