Love At Last ! Another Jackson Sister is engaged!

Everyone who is anyone knows who the Jacksons are. Joseph, Katherine, Rebe, Jermaine, La Toya, Tito, Marlon, Michael, Randy, and Janet are just a few famous members of their enormous clan. Although all are musically talented, few have managed to maintain outstanding careers, two [Michael and Janet] managed to become icons, but only one managed to become reality television’s new sweetheart! La Toya Jackson is that one. Now, after decades of flying solo and not dating, this Jackson sister is engaged!

La Toya and her fiance, Jeffre Phillips, met years ago, became best friends and then business partners. Until recently the pair seemed to be just that. Then in late 2012 as “Life With La Toya” launched and she began dating again he apparently found himself jealous, realizing his own feelings for her. In the upcoming season of the show we will see what led up to his revelation of his love and how he proposed to her with a ring so big it might as well have moons! Expect to see some noteworthy cameos from her parents as he traditionally asks them for her hand in marriage. The latter of which appears to be more of a shock to Katherine, than Joseph.

La Toya Jackson with her fiance, Jeffre Phillips
La Toya Jackson with her fiance, Jeffre Phillips

Love is a beautiful thing, even prettier than the most fabulous of the Jacksons. After years of abuse from her ex-husband and generally lackluster love life, I for one, am happy to see she has found love at last. She dismisses the rumors she and Jeffre are already married, but promises a big and spectacular wedding that will put Kim Kardashian’s to shame! This may mean OWN will be following E! Network’s suit and broadcast her wedding. My question is which Kim Kardashian wedding will she be trying to outshine? After all there are three–and counting–“The New Mrs. West” has had. Well, let’s all hope and pray this La Toya’s second and LAST  wedding. Such a sweet, bubbly woman deserves love and a family. This Jackson is proof it is never too late to fall in love or be loved. Go La Toya!

la toya 3

Watch all the love and dram unfold in the second season of OWN’s “Life With La Toya,” tonight at 10 PM EST!

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