“Love & Publicity Stunts?” “Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood’s” Milan Christopher Gordy is Dating Female Cast Mate?!

Is there really something to this “delivert” thing or is Mona Scott Young reaching for a far-fetched story line in the next season of VH-1’s hit reality series, Love & Hip-Hop HollywoodAs you know the series broke ground by showing the first gay male couple in the franchise’s history with model, artist, and fashion designer, Milan Christopher Gordy and aspiring rapper, Sir Brock. The show prominently featured the latter’s struggles with his sexuality and coming out to his family and ex-girlfriend, Amber Hunter. However, after the season wrapped the couple found themselves stationed right in Splitsville, when at the reunion special Milan decided against proposing to Miles, revealing his boyfriend had been cheating on him. Milan and Miles have since gone on to both declare the other is fake, phone, and that there is no chance of a reunion.

miles and milan hey mikey atl

Nevertheless, Milan has not let that keep him from moving on with his life and finding love. He is now moving to another spectrum of the LGBT community–the “B” part–and is currently dating his cast mate, Moniece Slaughter. Moniece is the mother of former B2K member, Fizz’s son, and the ex-girlfriend of Love & Hip-Hop New York’s Rich Dollaz. The new couple went public today via Instagram. Milan posted a photo with this caption:

milan christopher hey mikey atl m and m tattoo

Moniece responded, posting this photo and caption:

milan christopher gordy hey mikey atl

If this relationship is legit, then we wish them all the best. However, in the world of “reality television” all too often these story lines are fake. We have a lot of respect for Milan and hope he would not stoop this low to remain on the show. Still we are not sure if moving from Miles to Moniece is the right move. It kind of seems like he may be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. What do you think? Comment below.

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