Love The Skin You’re In!

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Yesterday Lupita Nyong’o hung out on Sesame Street to teach everyone  a lesson in the beauty of their skin.  With the help of everyone’s favorite furry red friend, Elmo, Lupita taught a lesson about everyone’s epidermis and why it is so important.

Our Favorite Hollywood Newcomer looked flawless in a color block tank top, and glistening brown skin. Nyong’o chatted with Elmo about the protective properties of our skin, and how our skin allows us to feel hot and cold, smooth and rough, and even ticklish. Check out Lupita glowing along side Elmo in her beautifully brown skin.

elmo, lupita nong'o, sesame street, beauty, skin,



While the world is busy going crazy over skin, and race relations it is great to see such a positive message on such a wildly viewed outlet. We may not be able to make a significant impact on the condition of race in America presently, but educating children on self love, tolerance and acceptance, may make a ripple of change in our future.





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