If Loving You Is Wrong- “The Colombian”

Nothing is ever as it really seems. Husbands with vasectomies, churchgoing wives with boyfriends, and now cops and criminals collide when “The Colombian” takes a shot. The latest episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong,” dished divine drama tonight. Alex and Randal’s relationship took somewhat of a psycho thriller twist when the latter begins to stalk Alex and Brad. He waits until Brad leaves to sneak into his backyard and tries to come onto Alex. She rebuffs his advances, causing him to realize she really does not want him around. He leaves and goes to see Brad, questioning him as to why they have not hung out that much lately. He tells him he is overloaded with work and feels stupid for mistreating Alex. He asks Randal what to do to make it up to her, but the latter tells him to let it roll over.

Eltony Williams as "Randal"
Eltony Williams as “Randal”

Matt Cook as "Joey"
Matt Cook as “Joey”

Joey’s parole officer, Hardy, meets with Natalie to evaluate her living situation. Joey will be released soon and she has her reservations about letting him come home. Hardy offers his assistance if he ever steps out of line. Later, Esperanza tells Natalie about everything going on with Edward and Julius, and how she suspects he is apart of the Colombian cartel. Natalie admonishes her for her poor choice in men and tries to get her to go to Edward’s superiors. Randal texts/stalks Alex demanding she speak to him. She relents when he says he has spoken to Brad. Their phone conversation is intense, and he tells her he loves and is in love with her. It is also revealed she told him previously she loved him. Brad arrives with flowers and interrupts their conversation, Randal demands she stays on the phone but she hangs up. Her husband apologizes and tells her about his vasectomy.  Elsewhere, Travis still has not arrived home causing Kelly to worry. She calls his mother, who is not fond of her. She tells Kelly that Travis is there and they are having a welcome home party for him with just the family
involved. She does not consider Kelly’s son to be his son. Kelly drops her son off at Alex’s house and goes to Travis’s mother house. There, she meets Callista and it seems like there is an engagement party going on. instead. Travis promises to talk with her later, but NEVER arrives.

Denzel Wells as "Travis"
Denzel Wells as “Travis”


This episode was intense! My suspicions of Randal being crazy have rung true! His attraction to Alex has elevated to obsession and is now extending to Brad. He wants what they have–poor Marcie…Esperanza is FOOLISH, she is playing the victim instead of playing it safe. She should break things off with Julius ASAP and have Edward fired. Both are dangerous. I feel the most for Kelly, her relationship is not going to work. Travis is about games and his mother is the new wicked witch. I believe he is engaged to Callista and Kelly will soon find out.


Next Week—> Alex sees Randal and Marcie having sex, Natalie warns Joey about messing up, Travis asks Kelly for alone time to talk with her, Edward tries to come onto Esperanza, The cartel shoots at Edward

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