If Loving You Is Wrong- “Game Night”

Game Night is anything but fun on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong.” Cops investigate the crime scene at Edward’s house after he narrowly avoids being shot. Yolanda is ecstatic and blames Esperanza for the entire ordeal. Edward dismisses her accusations but one of the precinct’s detectives feel it is worth looking into. After a heated argument Yolanda leaves with her parents and Edward stays behind to guard his home. The next morning Brad insists Alex sleep in late and does all of her tasks for the day. He then invites Randal and Marcie over for a game night later after dinner. Lushion sleeps over with Natalie and Joey continues to disapprove of their relationship. Natalie wishes Lushion well as he goes to interview for a position at Edward’s precinct. Meanwhile, she pressures Joey to get a job. Later, one of her employee’s “helps” by getting the boss’s daughter to hire Joey at their job. Since her father works at night and she handles payroll he will never know. The girl is  sweet on Joey.

Zulay Henao as "Esperanza"
Zulay Henao as “Esperanza”


Kelly is heartbroken by Travis’s betrayal. He shows up at her job and tries to get her to talk to him and understand. She demands he stay away from her and not worry about her son. Later, she drops his belongings off at his parents’ home and faces off with his mother. The latter feels she has done her a favor, while Kelly only sees the fears and insecurities she has when it comes to Travis. At game night, Marcie has a little too much to drink and the couples play an adult question themed game. The game and its revelations make Alex feel uncomfortable and ends the night prematurely. At the precinct, Edward tells Lushion he will get him on because he needs a POC (Person Of Color) to help him patrol his neighborhood. Julius arrives and threatens him. Later, Edward goes to see Esperanza and pleads with her to be with him and tells her he loves her.  That night, he visits Esperanza and questions her about Julius, learning earlier he is indeed apart of the cartel. Julius arrives and a fight ensues. Esperanza is horrified!


I do so love this show. I am sorry, but I am #TeamJulius all the way. Edward goes too far! He feel as little for him as I do for Alex. Which speaking of, Randal has her frazzled. She wants him so bad it hurts. Not even Maury Povich can fix this paternity drama! Until next time…


Next Week—>Brad questions Alex’s whereabouts, Edward promises to finish Julius, Kelly tells Marcie about her broken heart, Alex tells Randal she has fallen in love with him, Alex tells the ladies a secret

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