If Loving You Is Wrong- “After Heartbreak”

Life goes on even, even “After Heartbreak.” Hearts seemed to be breaking and dropping left and right in the latest episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong.” The tables finally turn on Edward as he takes a beating from Julius. Esperanza tries to defend him much to Julius’s chagrin. He only leaves when a neighbor threatens to call the cops. Inside, Esperanza tends to his wounds. He blames her for everything that has happened. Their arguing awakens their daughter. She comforts her father and he begins to cry on her shoulder. Edward tells Esperanza he can no longer afford his home and hers. She angrily tells him she wishes she never met him and makes him leave. Elsewhere, Marcie tries to get Randal to make love to her, but he dismisses her as drunk and decides to sleep on the sofa overnight. He then texts Alex, saving her as “Peppa” in his phone. He tries to get her to come see him in  his shed but she rebuffs his advances. Alex later sneaks out of bed and goes to see Randal. They immediately begin to have on his work bench.


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Brad awakes and finds Alex missing. He searches the house and finds she is not there. After putting their daughter to bed she reappears claiming to have been using the kids’ restroom. Brad soon sees  she is lying as the toilet seat has been left up. The next morning Marcie goes to see Kelly who is ready to put her house up for sale since she cannot afford it alone. She tells Marcie about her heartache surrounding Travis. Marcie in turn tells her about how distant Randal has bee. Natalie gives Joey the ropes concerning his new job at the Burger Joint. His negative attitude worries her. Lushion reveals he got the police job due to his ethnicity, but thanks Natalie for her help. She and Esperanza leave to pick up Alex and visit Kelly. They find her heartbroken and soon learn why. Marcie comes over and all the women band together promising to be there for one another. Alex feels guilty as she realizes her affair with Randal is truly damaging Marcie’s marriage.


Kelly is breaking my heart! I really hope Travis realizes what he is giving up and grows the hell up. Needless to say, no one should feel sorry for Edward, “…you reap what you sow…” He should be worried about Julius’s end game. However, Alex continues to steal the cake with her treachery. When Marcie and Brad find out about her and Randal ALL Hell will break loose!



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