If Loving You Is Wrong- “Look Closely”

The first season finale of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is wrong” began sadly with Marcie finding comfort in the other ladies. They each advise her in their own way of how to deal with Randal and “Peppa.” Kelly, however, realizes who Peppa is due to Alex’s bumper sticker and Randal calling her that while they helped her move in. After the other ladies leave she confronts Alex about her shenanigans and demands she stop seeing Randal. Alex tries to pretend she is mistaken at first, but gives in and reveals how and why she began the affair. Kelly tells her she must tell Marcie and Brad, forewarning her this will all blow up in her face! Natalie and Esperanza share their problems with another. The latter realizes she is still in love with Edward. Elsewhere, Edward tells a few rookie cops about his time in Iraq until he and Lushion are sent out for a response. While driving, Lushion tries to convince him he should seek professional help. Edward quickly dismisses his advice.



Randal arrives home with flowers for Marcie. She reads aloud the texts between he and Peppa and then demands to know who  she is. He refuses and refuses to let her insult her, He locks himself in the bathroom to escape her wrath. Later, Lushion arrives to visit Natalie and check on Joey. He admonishes her for not speaking to her son. He tells her he loves her and knows that she loves him. Joey confronts and beats up Quan, taking his money and giving it to Natalie’s boss’s daughter so she will not lose her job. Natalie refuses to accept it and warns him to return it to Quan. Joey refuses and leaves angrily. Edward puts plans into action to take down Julius and the cartel, much to Brad’s dismay. Travis  feels it is time to tell Justice he really is not his father. She agrees, but demands he leave. He realizes just how much she does not want him around. Later, she and Marcie lament over drinks. Kelly tries to clue her in on who Peppa is and tells her to “look closely.” As Marcie leaves she sees Alex’s bumper sticker and then races into her home to confront Randal. She angrily attacks him. He barely manages to hold her off and keep her from confronting Alex!


This episode takes the cake! Who knew Marcie was about that life! She put hands to Randal like she was a Power Ranger. He definitely deserves it. Kelly definitely played it smart by inadvertently pointing her in the right direction. Beware, beware, beware of women with broken hearts Travis and Randal! Catch the next season March 2015!




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