If Loving You Is Wrong- “Peppa”

Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong” began on a somber note as The Burger Joint is robbed. Since Joey forgot to set the alarm no one realizes it until it is too late. Home i n bed, Joey finally gives into his friend and former drug dealing partner and sneaks out to hang with him against his brother’s warnings. Elsewhere, in Randal’s shed Alex comes by to hash things out with him. He tries to  be indifferent with her, but breaks down when he sees she is hurting. She tells him Marcie suspects he is having an affair. Natalie and Lushion are awakened from their sleep to learn the store has been robbed. They race to the restaurant to find the owner there furious demanding to know why no one set the alarm before locking up. He fires Natalie when he learns she has secretly hired Joey, until Lushion convinces him to give her the opportunity to get his money back.


Edward finds Esperanza working a night shift and demands she go get their daughter from Natalie’s home and take care of her. She demands he leave and refuses to allow him to control her. He in turn blackmails her supervisor into sending her home for the night. Back at Natalie’s apartment, she and Lushion wait up for Joey to come home. The moment he walks in the door she attacks and slaps him and demands he get out of her house for good. He promises he did not rob the restaurant but she will not hear him or Lushion. When she goes into her room to calm down, the two men have a heart to heart. Lushion tasks him with getting the money back for the restaurant so she can keep her job. He then forces the boy to hug him, ending the animosity between the two of them. Lushion admonishes Natalie for her behavior before he leaves and warns her to calm down before she does or says anything further to he or Joey.

Zulay Henao as "Esperanza"
Zulay Henao as “Esperanza”


The next morning, Marcie returns from the doctor and tries to get Randal to sleep with her. He refuses, leaving her hurt. While he talks on his phone in the backyard she reads his texts from his computer and discovers he is having an affair with a woman named “Peppa!” She is very hurt and tries to blow off some steam by going for a run, but instead begins to cry and goes to see Alex. Brad finds her distraught and tries to enlist Alex’s help in assuring her Randal would never cheat on her. Brad talks with Randal, the latter assures him nothing is going on. Then he reveals his own marital issues–sexual ones–with Randall concerning Alex. Alex leaves Marcie to have a meeting with the other ladies concerning their kids’ school. While there, Marcie interrupts their meeting with her problems revealing the name of Randal’s mistress.

Aiden Turner as "Brad" (l), Eltony Williams as "Randal" (r)
Aiden Turner as “Brad” (l), Eltony Williams as “Randal” (r)

Tyler Perry definitely knows how to leave you in suspense! Randal and Alex have gotten super sloppy with this affair. I just cannot wait til Brad and Marcie learn of their betrayal. Heads will roll, especially when everyone takes sides. This affair is the show’s most torrid story line. I hope there are some revelations on next week’s season finale! How Joey is going to get that money back is a mystery and will be a treacherous journey at best. Still, it was good to see and Lushion bond. Natalie has gotta calm down!


Next Week–>  The Season Finale, Kelly realizes Alex is Peppa, Joey confronts his friend about the robbery


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