If Loving You Is Wrong- “Shots Fired”

“Shots Fired” and hearts are soon to be broken in the latest episode of Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You Is Wrong!” The drama continues as Alex takes a pregnancy test. The results are positive! She pulls out her secret planner to try and figure out if she is pregnant by her husband, Brad, or Marcie’s husband Randal. She estimates it is Brad and not Randal who is the father. The latter tries to call her but she ignores his call. He subsequently shows up at her house unannounced to find Brad still there. He makes small talk with him to pass the time hoping to catch Alex alone. She flips when she sees him there and using the mug she bought for Brad. When he leaves she tells her husband she is pregnant. He is taken aback, as she does not know he had a vasectomy years ago. Naturally, he assumes she is cheating on him and his checked Web MD to see if she really could be pregnant by him.


Travis and Kelly

The ladies and their respective families celebrate Kelly’s signing for her new home at Alex and Brad’s house. She and Alex are overjoyed to be neighbors. Her feelings are hurt however, when she calls to tell Travis the good news and he dismisses and admonishes her for calling him long distance just to let him know about the house. A girl named Callista implies she never knew Travis even had a girlfriend.  Natalie finds Marcie in tears and gets Alex to try and comfort her. Marcie reveals how hard it has been for her to become pregnant and she fears Randal will leave or cheat on her. Alex comforts her but is overwhelmed by guilt and cries in the adjacent room. On the ride home, Lushion admonishes Natalie for disrespecting him and always trying to be so hard. Edwards discovers the identity of Esperanza’s new boyfriend and track him down. He stages an assault via radio and then shoots him with her on the phone!


It is pretty apparent that Edward, Alex, and Randal are the people to hate on this show! Alex and Randal’s affair is a dangerous game if I ever saw one. Edward is just maniacal in general. Why Esperanza has not reported him is beyond me. Still I wonder how Brad is going to deal with all this. Most likely the baby is not his. He is going to kill Randal when all this is revealed AND Edward might just help him do the job after he offs Julius!



Next week—>Brad questions Alex’s pregnancy, Randall wonders if Alex’s baby is his, Ed tells Brad he shot Julius, Ed is held at gunpoint by a kid

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