Lubricity Labs Formulated for Men’s Grooming

Dapper men are notorious for having complete control over their facial hair. Whether they sport a beard, mustache or clean shave, you can bet that not a whisker is out of place. Fortunately, every male is capable of having a pristine beard presence; especially, with the help of Lubricity Labs’ Pre/Post Shave Beard Oil.

Lubricity Labs
Lubricity Labs’ Pre/Post Shave Beard Oil 1 fl oz, $20.00

Lubricity Labs’ Pre/Post Shave Oil is a lightweight formula comprised of coconut oil and almond oil. Perfect for regular beard maintenance,  it helps moisturize the skin while combating a dullness and itchiness. The end result is a shiny and smooth beard.

Application is just as simple as placing 1-2 droplets into your hands and rubbing it onto your wet pre or post shaven beard.

Inside the shave oil’s 1 fl oz (30mL) bottle, is a sweet-smelling oil. Since you don’t have to use a lot the product lasts for a long time. The top features a dropper used to extract droplets for application. It makes everything so easy.

The truth is it doesn’t matter if you shave or not, every male can use this oil. It works for all facial hair types. In recent years, a lot of men have started to embrace their facial hair more than ever, which is why products like Lubricity Labs’ Pre/Post Shave Oil is available. More than ever, men need products that will help them their skin and hair moisturized; with special emphasis on their beards.

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