Ludacris’ Baby Mother Claims He Married Girlfriend to Get Custody of Daughter

by Samantha Denӓe


Two weeks ago Luda and Eudoxie jumped the broom and now his baby mother, Tamika Fuller, is making accusations that could put a damper on their weeding bliss.

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Fuller, who had a daughter with Luda during a break in his relationship with Eudoxie, claims that the rapper married quickly in order to gain full custody of 1-year-old Cai Bella.

Last year Luda was ordered to pay $7,000 a month by an Atlanta judge which is $8,000 less than the $15,000 she originally asked for. The custody battle will continue later this month and Tamika is afraid that the judge will see Ludacris as a fit parent in a “loving and stable household” due to being married now; and because Ludacris is well…Ludacris, she’s also afraid that the judge will believe that he’s capable to care for Cai Bella more so than she can as a single mother.

Mrs. Bridges spoke out tell E! News:

“We chose a simple and intimate wedding that was perfect for us. We wanted the day to be about our loving commitment to each other.”

We’ll see what will happen later this month as the custody battle continues.

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