MAC Releases Lip Kit to Rival Kylie’s Success

With 7 Billion people in the world, it’s hard to be original, even from a business standpoint. You may think you’re being original but it’s likely that someone has thought about your invention, service, style, and the likes or maybe even have it available but you’re just not privy to it. In this case, MAC Cosmetics has swagger jacked Kylie Jenner and wants in on her market share, like how she’s tapped into theirs.

Mac Cosmetics

When we hear the mention of MAC we think of a trusted beauty line with quality products and celebrity endorsements; especially one of it’s best seller’s, Ruby Woo. MAC has decided to cash in on Kylie Jenner’s success of bundling lip products–after all, they’ve been in the cosmetics game long before she was even born. Kylie, once a fan of MAC and maybe still is, is rumored to have mixed MAC Cosmetics Whirl and Sour lip pencils to create her perfect hue. Kylie Lip Kit

Mac Cosmetics

Pop Sugar reports M.A.C. has released its own Lip Kit in seven sets to choose from; each lipstick comes with a complimenting shade lip pencil. It’s designed to be worn together but you can also get crafty and create your own shades or wear one alone and at a $29 price point (which is the same price as Kylie’s) you save $6 than buying the lipstick or pencil alone. The lip kits are currently only available online at Macy’s and Nordstrom. What’s to be noted is the language on each retailers page. Macy’s list it as a “Lip Kit” yet the same bundle is listed as a “Duo” on Nordstrom’s site; this is a clear difference in marketing for each retailers clientele.

There’s no word yet on when and if MAC will be selling the lip kits within its stores. In the meantime, if you’re an avid MAC Cosmetics wearer log on to Macys or Nordstrom’s site to get your supply!

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