Maclyn Lucille is a ‘Maverick!’

Written by: Langston John Blaze

Maclyn Lucille is a Maverick! This new independent artist debuts a sexy, love influenced record with club-bangers sure to bring in new fans. Currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Lucille used to sing the National Anthem for the Cavaliers in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. The Midwest artist came from Ohio to expand her soprano feisty sound and network in the ATL. In Maverick: The Mixtape, the twenty-one year old, gives a pop driven collection about love with club party-adrenaline anthems reminiscent of artists like Rihanna and Britney Spears, but don’t get it twisted! The girl can saaaaang! She goes against the stereotypes of most pop artists known for their studio built vocals.

Although the music on Maverick is pop with elements of R&B, the singer’s vocals have lots of soulful breathy tones that fall along the same sounds of Elle Varner and Jhené Aiko. Songs like the sensual southern influenced, “Fast or Slow,” my personal favorite, “Day Dream,” and the single, “If U Wit It,” featuring rapper, Spade, deliver a consistent flow of Pop fused with R&B. Other highlights on the mixtape include 2B Loved, and the hot single, Still Beating. “I’m so freaking excited!” the singer said, in reference to the project which came out on Memorial Day. The record features production from heavy hitters, Young Yonny and SeanK, all who have worked with artists like Tyrese and Lil’Wayne. Lucille will be doing events this summer in Atlanta. Do follow her on and download Maverick on Soundcloud.