Madonna’s New Ad: Yay or Nay?

After the launch of her MDNA skincare line, she recently created a public service announcement about her skin being important to her because other things are. As you listen to the ad think about what the message is saying. For me, it is more than a skincare ad it has words of women empowerment explaining that when other things are important to you on the inside, it will show on the outside.

Using words such as “creation”, “essence”, “transformation”, “revolution”, “substance”, “ambition” and “the future”, really speaks to women as a way to show their growth and development. If you really think about your journey so far, all of these words should come to mind. As a woman, you create life hence the word creation. We have an essence about us which keep those who we attract coming for more. As we gain more experiences through life, we go through transformation. With us coming into our womanhood, it is a revolution in itself as we battle many obstacles such as esteem, security, relationships and even our careers. For all of the powerful, hardworking women, we have substance in what we say, how we carry ourselves and what we do when it is done with respect among ourselves and others. With all of these traits, we hold the future.

Although Madonna’s skincare line is being sold in Japan right now, her ad was definitely interesting to watch but even more interesting to listen to.

So the next time you listen to an ad, think about the message behind it and see what connections your creative mind will come up with. With that, it gets a yay from me!