MakeupByJack: 10 yr old Beauty Guru

Are you ready to take notes from a kid? Get ready to see MakeupbyJack and all his magic.


There is a new kid on the makeup guru block, literally! His name is Jack. He is buzzing all over social media due to his skills with foundation and eye shadows. The amazing thing is the fact that he is so young and so talented. MakeupbyJack is everything!

Makeup by Jack with bare face
No Makeup

The 10 year old beauty guru currently has over 50k followers on his Instagram. Many are truly in awe by his level of skill. If you see his feed, you would be shocked and in awe too. His makeup techniques are the equivalent to some adults.

Makeup by Jack peach look
Jack with nails and peach makeup

UK’s newest makeup guru posted a video on Facebook with the caption “You walk in to your son doing this, wyd?” From there, some people left not-so-nice comments, but the majority of comments were nice and supportive. Refinery 29 was the first to report on the young guru.

Makeup by Jack's metallic look
Metallic look by Jack

Jack started his Instagram account in February. The video that launched him into internet stardom has been viewed over 40 million times. Viewers are even in love with his ability to place false lashes seamlessly.

Makeup by Jack with lashes
MakeupbyJack with lashes

MakeupbyJack is sure to grow into a global sensation. Granted, it may seem strange that a child should wear makeup, but gone are the days of being in shock. Today, gender norms are becoming a thing of the past and the fact that a young boy likes makeup is not earth shattering. If the parents of Jack are fine, everyone else should be too.

View more pictures on his Instagram, like the ones above (@makeupbyjack).

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