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Making a Lifestyle Choice that Slimmer is Better

Making a Lifestyle Choice that Slimmer is Better

In some communities, there’s a considerable push to see big as beautiful. Of course, we all need to feel happy in our own skin whatever size we are. However, for our physical well-being, this trend is a dangerous one. Being overweight and unfit can lead to life-altering medical conditions including type-II diabetes, and change how you’re forced to live your life when not getting to grips with your physical condition.

In this article, we look at different ways to appear more beautiful by addressing weight and fitness in a positive manner. It’s even a possibility if you succeed in getting in shape that you want to help others to do the same. For this reason, we’ve also included some information about how to become a personal trainer too.

Okay… let’s dive right in.

Get Your Head Right!

While we tend to think that physical fitness is about hitting the gym hard, exhausting ourselves and surviving on salads alone, that’s not true at all. The battle is won in the mind, first.

Getting your mental space right is important. The reason is that when you’re not thinking in the right way, it’s too easy to quit when encountering the slightest bump in the road.

You’ve got to think about your health situation and research the health risks a little bit. It helps to appreciate what risks you are running when overweight. Your heart and other organs are pushed harder to function properly. This leads to higher risks of a stroke or heart attack. The knees and ankles take too much weight, making it more difficult – sometimes painful – just to walk around. These are all signs that your body is struggling to handle the extra pounds.

Once you understand how serious it is to be overweight, then you can set your mind right. Set a realistic health and fitness goal. Then push forward.

Make It a New Lifestyle

Taking off weight is important but it’s only half the battle.

The weight loss journey doesn’t even stop when achieving your target weight goal.

The reality is that science on obesity has now shown that the body often slows down the metabolic rate alarmingly once the weight is off. The majority of people who have exercised consistently over a long period and then dropped down to minimal activity post-weight loss saw their metabolic rate (the rate that calories get burned off through physical activity) drop to low rates. This makes it far more difficult to keep the weight off later unless staying regularly active.

Because of this information, it’s now possible to understand that overweight people face two challenges when wanting to get fitter and lose weight. The first is to lose the weight initially and the second is to keep it off in the face of a lower metabolic rate. The latter is why so many exercisers are successful initially at getting slimmer but put back the weight they lost, and more in many cases too.

Set Realistic Goals for Yourself

It depends what your activity is, how long you do it for, and how heavy you are currently as to how many calories are burned. Therefore, a heavier woman can walk for 30 minutes in her local neighbourhood and burn more calories than a slim woman walking her dog around the park. That gives an early advantage to the woman who’s wanting to lose weight. Great news!

Here’s a link to the best 14 calorie burners– but you don’t need to do these exercises to be successful.

As a good rule of thumb, losing two pounds a week is a reasonable goal. You may lose more initially but that’s usually just water weight. Alternatively, any weight loss can take several weeks to show up on the scale too. Persevere through that. Being healthier is a lifestyle choice and requires persistence in the face of disappointments!

When setting fitness targets for weight and the target date, use two pounds a week as a reasonable way to judge progress. All progress is good progress within a health-conscious goal.

Get Your Eating Plan Right

The flipside of exercising properly is eating right.

When you’re eating more fried foods and takeaway food rather than making healthier choices, it’s tough to shift the pounds. Effectively, you’re sabotaging your own efforts.

One good thing about exercising in the gym is that when you’re putting in the effort and occasionally have sore muscles, you don’t want greasy food as much. You reach for the apple and not the Snickers bar; the roast chicken and salad over the fried chicken and fries.

Create a meal plan you’ll enjoy. Include healthy snacks for lunch to avoid making bad food choices while at work too.

Make Fitness a Part of Your New Life

Once you start becoming fitter and lose some pounds, it’s easy to get interested in why your body is responding this way. It feels really good and the results in the mirror are becoming Instagram-worthy too.

When making fitness and living healthy a new lifestyle, this tends to affect other areas of your life. First, you eat better and choose different items on the menu in a restaurant. But also, you may like exercise and the success of it to want to help other people achieve the same. In which case, what can you do?

The best way to approach it is to take a personal training course to learn everything that’s required and become qualified to work in this field. This way, you can get the technical knowledge required to know your advice is correct and that it’ll help when training clients. If you live in Scotland, you can take an online personal trainer course Scotland with a respected team with many industry awards to back up their expertise. Once you complete and pass the course, you’ll be ready to embark on a second new journey.

When you make having better health and fitness as a lifestyle decision, it increases its importance to you personally. You’re no longer just doing a 30-minutes jog to see how it feels. It’s part of the new you and you’re 100% committed. That’s when you’ve locked it in by making the full commitment to being healthy for the rest of your life.


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