Man Clues–The Non-Verbal Cues of Undies!

They say clothes make the man. To a degree they are right. Based on what a man wears he can be labeled a professional, Classic Man, or even a corner thug. However, we always stop at outer wear when we check out male clothing, failing to realize what he wears underneath his pants is just as important–if not more so–a huge clue to his character and intent. This is not an uncommon assertion as women unfortunately judged by their unmentionables all the time. Just ask some of the rape victims whose credibility was questioned simply because they were wearing a thong when assaulted. Sick right, but it pushes the issue. Just what do a man’s underwear say about him? Look and learn.


boxers hey mikey atl

Boxers are lounging pieces. The only real thing that makes them different from shorts is the hole in the front. A guy wearing these is usually on a chill tip, really just wanting to be comfortable and free. Unlike some of the other underwear you will see they do not “hug” on the penis and testicles. As a man that is very comfortable. You are free and get to breathe down there, eliminating sweat and the oh so annoying “testicles- tuck-to- the-high” issue. Most guys go for cottton, but silk is better.

Boxer Briefs

boxer briefs hey mikey atl

Boxer briefs are probably the most common type of underwear worn by men. It is easy to see why. Not only are they comfortable, they tend to be soft and form fitting enough to allow you to move without hindrance. This means no readjusting the position of your man parts. Also, they absorb sweat like none other Guys wearing boxer briefs are men on the go. They need to wear something that will not impede their movement and can easily be snatched on and pulled off.


briefs hey mikey atl

Briefs seem to be making a comeback nowadays. Every dude with a body seems to be posting them in New Age thirst trap pictures. Just check out Facebook and Instagram! Still this type of underwear seems to be something boys and men have in common. Guys who wear briefs are fun and confident. These underwear reveal everything, as they not only hug your man parts, but hold them in place. This comes as a downside, however, as they can be rather invasive with too much movement. Wedgie much?


thongs hey mikey atl

Whoever told you men do not wear thongs lied! Men do wear thongs, but not entirely to be provocative as you might think. In fact, those who do wear them seem to fall in two subcategories; thongs of purpose and thongs to get off. The thongs of purpose are just that–thongs being worn with a purpose. Just like with women who need wear less underwear to wear certain dresses or jeans, men do the same thing. These guys tend to be fashion forward and open minded, willing to go against the grain. Those who wear their songs for sexual ventures know it to be enticing, sexually open, and alluring.

Free Balling

free balling hey mikey atl

No underwear is a type of underwear, contrary to popular belief! There are a lot of guys who just do not like to wear underwear and that’s okay. This seems to be more feasible during the warmer months, but honestly it knows no season. Free ballers are adventurous and tend to be the artsy, willing to try new things and tend to be very creative. They hate any restriction of themselves and their anti-undies stance is just a reflection of that. However, remember lotion is your friend. They quickly find being ashy can extend to the oddest nether regions of the body.

No matter what type of undies you choose to wear–or not to wear–remember the type of guy you are is totally dictated by YOU! What kind of underwear are you wearing? Post your pics below!

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